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Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
a semi-automatic weapon. the new commissioner used the moment to call on lawmakers to help kill the keep the streets even -- to help keep the streets even safer. >> if we can improve the laws we have, as we go into the legislative time, this is an opportunity. this is an example. if we were together, we could make a dramatic difference. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake also congratulated the department. police are investigating three shootings that happened overnight. the latest was on a london street around 2:30 this morning. one male victim was suffering from a gunshot wound. 90 minutes before that, officers responded in west baltimore where one male was shot. detectives are also investigating a third shooting on the 500 block of bloom street. one man was reportedly shot. there is no word on the condition of the victims. the baltimore county police officer charged in the death of a randallstown teenager is back in court. criminal motion hearings begin today in the death of 17--old christopher brown. police say there was a confrontation when browned fell unconscious. he had been with
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
are urging residents to use care when spending it. housing assistance grants may only be used for repairs, short- term rental assistance, or hotel expenses. coming up, a gift cards are a common gift over the holidays, but there are some mornings. and after being ill for several weeks, hillary clinton returns to work. what is on the top of >> the man who let u.s. forces to victory during the first goal for in 1991 has died. retired general norman schwarzkopf died in florida at the age of 78. known popularly as stormin norman, he served his last assignment as commander in chief of central command before retiring in 1992. a spokesperson for george h.w. bush have asked people to put the heart back in the closet when it comes to his hospitalization. he has been in intensive care since november battling a case of bronchitis and a series of complications. officials say the president is in for a long recovery but is alert and is very comfortable. after being out of commission for several weeks due to estimate virus and a concussion, secretary of state hillary clinton will return to work next week
Dec 10, 2012 12:00pm EST
. quarterback coach jim caldwell will take over as coordinator. gerry sandusky joins us now on the phone. what can you tell us? >> there is a lot of talk of discontent among the ravens players in the last couple of weeks. and that is not on natural when you lose two heartbreaking games. but the ravens in the last two weeks had a chance in a fourth quarter lead if they win against the steelers at home and if they win it against washington, they come away with a chance in the playoffs. this is not just about what happened in the last two weeks. over the last two years, they have put more financial resources into their offense than they ever have prior. and there was inconsistency with the offense and the performance on the road and at home. and their ability to win games. it is all part of the equation. but the real crux of it comes with three games left in the regular-season and must-win situations. now they must face peyton manning. and his former head coach, jim caldwell, takes over the ravens offense. >> we appreciate your insight. we know you will be following developments. not surprisingly
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
of a safe distance. >> police tell us and mdta employee was also hit. investigators believe wet roads and fog may have contributed to the crash. coming up next, an nbc reporter and his crew were kidnapped. they have since been released and we will have the latest on the abduction of richard and all and flames consume a comm >> the nbc chief foreign correspondent richard angle and his crew are safe after being held captive in afghanistan. they crossed into turkey from syria this morning and they are in good health nbc news said he and his production crew members were afraid not harmed. he said he believed the gunmen who kidnapped him and his crew in syria or shiite militia groups loyal to the syrian government. the crew was freed after a firefight between their captors and a rebel group. nearly two dozen members of a northern illinois university fraternity are facing charges in the death of a 19-year-old freshman. arrest warrants have been issued for 22 members of the fraternity. five of the warrants are for hazing. the other 17th fraternity brothers are facing charges for misdemeanor
Dec 31, 2012 12:00pm EST
in d.c. is impacting us across the border in maryland. >> it partisan politics prevail and the cat -- deal, some say maryland could shoulder a greater burden than some other states. the department of legislative services put together a report that estimates just tell adverse the impact would be. if we fall off the fiscal cliff and automatic spending cuts kick in, researchers estimate maryland will lose $117.6 million in federal funding next year, money already in the state budget. economists say to make up for, the state will have to reallocate spending and make cuts. >> and perhaps raise -- raise a threshold for any kind of aid that has federal funds tied to it. it will be a challenge to make ends meet than. the report estimates 53,000 full and part-time jobs will be lost in 2013. that number could be much higher. a huge hit in sales and income tax revenue means the state would lose about $268 million in 2013. and another $635 million in 2014. >> the ability for the state to be the leader in education, small business innovation as well as other things -- the state usually leads in
Dec 27, 2012 12:00pm EST
, that was not the case further north of us in new jersey. several communities woke up this know this morning after several inches fell last night. some areas were expecting up to 8 inches with wind gusts up as high as 60 miles an hour overnight. all that snow, rain, and sleet cause problems for travelers up and down the east coast. travelers at laguardia airport say they saw flight delays up to 90 minutes yesterday. in philadelphia, more than 200 flights were canceled, some flights with seven-hour delays. officials say 1500 flights were canceled in the u.s. bwi thurgood marshall airport was no exception to the travel mess yesterday. on average, 1-to our travel delays. the weather here improved. traveled nationwide did not 31 family spent the holiday on the other side of the country, with an unplanned night in baltimore. >> we decided to spend christmas in las vegas, and today the odds were not with us. we are happy to be on the ground, so it was kind of rough up there. we are grateful to be here. >> for others in and around maryland who were not flying, the snow was a chance for many to stock up o
Dec 26, 2012 12:00pm EST
shooting inside a store. kim dacey tells us it was part of a break-in and this time the store owner took matters in his own hands. >> police say it all unfolded when an intruder broke into a business and was confronted by the store's owner. christmas morning anne arundel cundiff please investigate the death of 30-year old by rental but chester was found shot to death in front of our rumble. and collectibles -- arundel points and collectibles. tuesday morning feliz brogan to the store not knowing someone was inside. cousel for the witness -- police a bet -- butler, would they identified as an employee, got into an altercation inside the business and philip was eventually shot. a lot of then ran out of the business and collapse in the park in jeppe. according to butler's lawyer, he has been having difficulties lately but people breaking into the store which police responded to but this time someone broke in and he was there. as far as philip, on line court records indicate a vast criminal record which included guilty pleas to second-degree assault, theft, and various drug offenses and cour
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7